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Sheep Wagon Days

You're Invited to VISIT
Moffat County!
 Unique Vacation Opportunities 

Hunting, Sheep Wagon Vacations, Working ranch tours and more!
If you have a specific us...

You can come stay in a sheep wagon and share a day...or two' like the crew from Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs did! Whether you join us for lambing in the spring or something a little slower paced, we know you will have a great time.

Don't forget about our Fall Sheep Wagon Days'll get a taste of it all and in only two days!! Plus there's a ton of great entertainment for free! This year we'll be adding a sheep trailing, something not everyone gets to see...or help with!

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Keeping Western traditions and an American way of life alive, one family at a time.
Villard Ranch
in Beautiful Northwest Colorado


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