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  • Why American Lamb?
    Freshness - American Lamb travels up to 10,000 fewer miles than its foreign competition. Flavor - How does American Lamb get this great mild, buttery flavor? It's how we raise them. American Lamb are fed a combination of mixed grains and mixed grasses; this feed contributes to a milder flavor and less gamey texture than imported lamb that are fed a diet of mixed grasses only. Value - American Lamb yield more meat on the bone than imported lamb. A 2002 study reported that the eye of an American Lamb rib chop provides 38% more meat than Australia and New Zealand rib chops. Also, the cost of American Lamb is comparable to that of other premium meats. (Source: Genho, M.R. 2002 Enhancing the retail market for American Lamb. M.S. Thesis, CSU) Availability - Several value cuts of American Lamb are available year round. These include leg, shoulder, ground lamb, shanks and ribs. Ease of Preparation - American Lamb, because of its mild flavor, lends itself to a variety of flavorings and cooking methods. Also, it does not require complicated recipes to prepare a delicious dish. Overall Meat Quality - Bred for Meat, Not Wool American Lamb are bred primarily for quality meat. Imported lamb are bred primarily for quality wool. American lamb reflects this difference in its overall superior quality to that of imported lamb.
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  • What is Lamb and how is it raised?
    Lamb is meat from a sheep less than 1 year old. Most are brought to market at about 6 to 8 months old. During weaning , lambs gradually begin feeding on pasture grasses. Ours are raised on open range year round unless there are drought conditions that keep us from using our winter pastures or the snow gets too deep. Then they are fed a high quality chopped hay and mixed grains throughout the winter months.
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  • What is the difference between Lamb and Mutton?
    Lamb is defined as anything under a year old and anything over a year raised for consumption is labeled mutton. Lamb may be slightly more tender. All of our sheep are raised and fed the same way, so there really isn't much of a difference!
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  • Where are you located?
    We are in a small farming and ranching community in the Northwest corner of Colorado in the Yampa River Valley. We are surrounded by abbundant wildlife and open spaces. Northwestern Colorado has some of the best hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation in the country.
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